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If you're a Zoomer, these songs will get you TURNT!
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11. jan. 2021

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Pickle the Dinosaur
Pickle the Dinosaur Pred 4 minutami
Someone make a Spotify playlist of these songs and tell me I’m BEGGING you
Boltzothedragon Pred 7 minutami
Party in the usa is a trash song that can go die.
Pickle the Dinosaur
Pickle the Dinosaur Pred 9 minutami
This was SO nostalgic omfg 🥺 these songs are all classics
Chay Pred 18 minutami
I didn’t know a few of the non English songs 👀
Nxlly Pred 24 minutami
Everything instead of Barbie girl deserved to be good
John Rizzo
John Rizzo Pred 37 minutami
Tokyo drift i watched the movie 8 times because of that song
Evelin Zsíros
Evelin Zsíros Pred 49 minutami
Come on, Joel, I'm a millenial, I know all of this. Do you need help next time? :D
Chrispy Pred 49 minutami
OUT OF ALL OF THIS... ALL THESE SONGS... YOU'VE NEVER HEARD N*BBAS IN PARIS?! But splurge over girlpop. Am disappointed 😞
chelsey lee
chelsey lee Pred 50 minutami
I am 12 years old and black and yellow was my jam also like worldwide choppers and Eminem was my first fave rap artist!❤
chelsey lee
chelsey lee Pred 49 minutami
Now im stuck in the rabbit hole of k-pop😁
Lee Pred 59 minutami
I didn't know I could be triggered that much by Joel putting some iconic childhood songs (he on top of that never heard before??) in meh or bad
Rheben Pred uro
I was born in 2001 and i dont recognise some of these songs
Galavis232RO Pred uro
O-Zone,Alexandra Stan and Inna 🇹🇩🇹🇩🇹🇩
xxx Pred uro
What do you mean "these songs are not from my generation"? I'm 4 years younger than you and all these songs make me nostalgic for high school and the start of university. 😂
J-Zarno Pred uro
If anything it proves joel never went out lmao, most of the ones he didn’t know were party hits.... how do you not know bonkers
Galavis232RO Pred uro
"Was Man Down by Rihanna polular?" Not really...just 800-900mil views
xxx Pred uro
Lol I'm not even such a pop music fan but I know all these songs apart from like 2-3 songs. 😂
cece calypso
cece calypso Pred uro
How dare he disrespect something i don't know 😂 Also i can't listen to sexy bitch without laughing my ass off because all i hear is sexy fish
Alex Raasch
Alex Raasch Pred uro
As a millenial i feel like avicii was the most influential / important artist of our generation / youth
X Adélaïde X
Waitttttt not bonkers that is a classic😅
Daniel Jan Halaxa
Literally 1998-2015 Rihanna didnt had one single bad song
PepetheFrog Pred uro
the Tokyo Deift theme is just pure vibes if you seen the movie
Politics is lit m8
He hasn’t heard day n nite I’m crushed And n* in Paris wtf
Merelyn Alva Sandoval
I was waiting for more Taylor's songs :(
Hannah Tirsch
Hannah Tirsch Pred uro
This brings back memorys
Leonie Pred uro
Me when Joel didn’t put She wolf and Payphone on good: 😰
gim Pred 2 urami
when you tought you werent a 2000 kid but you know almost all the songs:
Alex Giron
Alex Giron Pred 2 urami
ahara hira anoroho translates to: la mano arriba cintura sola haha
Ayi Mocro
Ayi Mocro Pred 2 urami
11:02 bro...
ImMakingPlayz Pred 2 urami
How’s he not heard of the Tokyo song omg😂
ImMakingPlayz Pred 2 urami
Oh and the day n nite remix is still fire 🔥🔥
Gabriel Bertolaci
Gabriel Bertolaci Pred 2 urami
Nem fudendo Michel Telo
isadora Pred 2 urami
Robert Hughes
Robert Hughes Pred 2 urami
Can I say I was born 2000 and nearly most of songs I heard before
Tijme Vervoort
Tijme Vervoort Pred 2 urami
The first bad thing you put there is from fast and the furios franchise
Gabriel Bertolaci
Gabriel Bertolaci Pred 2 urami
Never hear Tokyo Drift???
LilyDawn Pred 2 urami
As a 2000s kid that was and is Christian, i vaguely remember the clean ones XD Edit: Also, most of these song were from restraunts in mexico that only play english songs cause they think they are cool.
that girl
that girl Pred 2 urami
Okay but like why there are no jonas brothers old songs? Ahh, I grew up with them. :/
Krazy K
Krazy K Pred 2 urami
9:55 🤣
Batiste Vandenbroucke
Bonkers is so beast haha
Hannah Svedström
Hannah Svedström Pred 2 urami
I will take personal offense to the fact that both of the Rihanna X Eminem songs only got a meh
Spyroslyg Pred 2 urami
Tokyo drift plays. "I dont know this song Me:*drift intensifies*
Eliana Molina
Eliana Molina Pred 2 urami
Was anyone else surprised when they saw roomie's shirt or just me...
Hollywood Jovan
Hollywood Jovan Pred 2 urami
the day and night remix sucks
Amu Mohanty
Amu Mohanty Pred 2 urami
It's not just you Joel. I've never heard the ones you've never heard.
Nenanix Pred 2 urami
Watching Joel roast my childhood bops... hits diferrent
Alex Amoroso
Alex Amoroso Pred 2 urami
I’m a white guy but I think Rihanna’s music is garbage
James Maxwell
James Maxwell Pred 2 urami
Lady gaga sucks
GalaxyDoggo YT
GalaxyDoggo YT Pred 2 urami
Roomie: Look at all the Pitbull Me: Doesn't listen to any Pitbull
Sonja Pred 2 urami
Ste Winchester
Ste Winchester Pred 2 urami
I also didn't know the songs you didn't know bruh
TheAlivededChannel Pred 2 urami
9:12 why? That has no sense...
Evan Nukhai
Evan Nukhai Pred 2 urami
I was kinda mad when he put Fetty Wap on good but not any of the two Eminem songs. :/
Sonja Pred 2 urami
The Nicki Minaj songs I listed soooo much to even though they didn’t play on radio in Finland, got even bullied for it 🤣🤣
TheAlivededChannel Pred 2 urami
6:02 in Italy like every spanish summer song is an instant hit, and whenever you go, you can see people dancing to that song
TheDiamondDemon YT
TheDiamondDemon YT Pred 3 urami
As a 2000s kid I can say I remember not being aloud to listen to sexy and I know it and had to listen to an Elmo parody
Evan Nukhai
Evan Nukhai Pred 3 urami
I kind of wanted to see Stereo Hearts on this
성주 sonju - senpai
Tokyo drift did not deserve this slander
pietro bisantino
pietro bisantino Pred 3 urami
Tokyo drift????WTF
rita matos
rita matos Pred 3 urami
Were you living under a rock??? Wtf!’?? 😂😂
Lille Man
Lille Man Pred 3 urami
Ive heard all of em ...
Elise Ahmed
Elise Ahmed Pred 3 urami
HOW have you never heard N* in Paris?!
Silvia Motrea
Silvia Motrea Pred 3 urami
Joel about Call me maybe: well, we all hate this song now Me: when did we like that song? Jokes aside, everyone has different taste, so don't get triggered by my comment if you like it 😂 good for you
Carol Danson
Carol Danson Pred 3 urami
Eu não posso com Michel Teló nessa lista kkk
Anton Gielle Y Aguas
U putted the tokyo drift song at bad wtf
Silvia Motrea
Silvia Motrea Pred 3 urami
Alexandra Stan comes up Me: now Joel...be careful how you rank my kin Joel: so iconic...it's so good Me: gud boi Also...he put Inna on meh??? Just kidding..that's a meh for me too
callistt Pred 3 urami
im staring with visible confusion when he put thrift shop in meh
Kim Isaac Buelagala
Kim Isaac Buelagala Pred 3 urami
Millenial shits on songs made by millenials for zoomers
BoniBon 666
BoniBon 666 Pred 3 urami
You called bad some international classic but liked some of the basic bitch garbage music ?! Bruh wtf
alexa matute
alexa matute Pred 3 urami
Hey Joel, fun fact: Pitbull's song: suavemente it's like a copy or a sample from the original song called Suavemente from Elvis Crespo ( a latin american singer) if you search suavemente, Crespo's song will appear first and it's also from the 2000s, exactly from 2009 !!
mrbobCellingfan 1
mrbobCellingfan 1 Pred 3 urami
bro major nostalgia but my music taste definitely changed when i became a teen
SOULRIPPER Pred 3 urami
Your a terrible person
Sue Gaitan
Sue Gaitan Pred 4 urami
Why am I a 2000 kid and I never heard a lot of those songs ._.
TJ Sings
TJ Sings Pred 4 urami
I am 14 I was born in 2006 and I have hear like all of these songs so when roomie said he did not know a song I new I lost it 😂
Isha Malik
Isha Malik Pred 4 urami
5:16 all i can see is fetus one direction
Baja95 Pred 4 urami
He listened same song as I did
Moody Blues
Moody Blues Pred 4 urami
Bruh u really just put the iconic 'Tokyo Drift' in the bad section huh.
Samra Arapovic
Samra Arapovic Pred 4 urami
Why does this comilation forget “Friday” by Rebeca Black
Braedyn Almanza
Braedyn Almanza Pred 4 urami
Bruh, I respect you but, the Goo Goo Dolls Iris, is a beast song my man
Ahunter 024
Ahunter 024 Pred 4 urami
He doesn't know Tokyo drift song whaaaa
Suraj Pawar
Suraj Pawar Pred 4 urami
What is with that hate on EMINEM songs ??? 🤷‍♂️
Llama Pred 4 urami
honestly surprised that Titanium wasn't on this list
Samra Arapovic
Samra Arapovic Pred 4 urami
Why does ke$ha always look’s like she’s chewing on a gum of laizynes
Dijana Semi-Kekic
Dijana Semi-Kekic Pred 4 urami
Dijana Semi-Kekic
Dijana Semi-Kekic Pred 4 urami
Im born in 2007 and i know all these songs!🤣
Gabriel Valdez
Gabriel Valdez Pred 4 urami
Tokyo drift is a good song its from fast and the furious tokyo drift
Argenti Pred 4 urami
Wait, where's coldplay?
Jan-David Carnin
Jan-David Carnin Pred 4 urami
5:52 In Germany we had a joke about this song. Not "Danza kuduro", but "Am Sack von Udo". And no, you can search it through Google Translate for yourself 🤣
nina Zigic
nina Zigic Pred 4 urami
how have you not heard tokyo drift im shook
David Paterson
David Paterson Pred 5 urami
Tokyo drift is from one of the best movies...... Fast and furious 2
Caylus Luck
Caylus Luck Pred 5 urami
All the youtubers I like have merch I can’t buy
Caylus Luck
Caylus Luck Pred 5 urami
Please do merchandise in pounds UwU
Aryan Anand
Aryan Anand Pred 5 urami
dude really chose starships over payphone, cant hold us, thirft shop, SKYFALL AND LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE?! nahhh bruh whats wrong with you. I wasnt done with the video when i wrote this DUDE REALLY PUT MONSTER IN MEH?! OHMYGOD
lilacalosa Pred 5 urami
LOL I legit had ALL these songs in my ipod and I didnt even know english back then(Im a 1993 girl), they were popular af even in Colombia
Mainak Roy
Mainak Roy Pred 5 urami
Expected more of Bruno Mars.
Genesis Miranda
Genesis Miranda Pred 5 urami
When I was 7 I listened to the song royals in my room I loved the song and still listen to it
jordan DS
jordan DS Pred 5 urami
He says at the very very end "put your tongue into the monkey".
Roman Khan
Roman Khan Pred 5 urami
They did NOT NOT include roar OR LAST FRIDAY Night, Wide Awake, E.T, Teenage Dream and TOTGA.
H F Pred 5 urami
09:10 first of all, its PORTUGUESE AND DESPACITO IS SPANISH and second of all, how could u?
Salma aka me
Salma aka me Pred 5 urami
Nobody: Me:"waiting for rich girl to be in the video"
Aqua blue YT
Aqua blue YT Pred 5 urami
Joel: *puts Tokyo Drift on Bad* Everyone: *Dies*
LT.Farmer_Blank Pred 6 urami
try learning croatian Joel I DARE U
POPULAR Songs in 2000 vs 2010